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Are the ZAR Markets Opened to Anyone?

Last Updated about a month ago

Yes, the ZAR market and ZAR wallet are available to all South African and International users, except for the hand full of countries that are barred from using the ChainEX platform.

If you are not sure if your country is barred from using the ChainEX platform, then please click here.

Upon signing up to ChainEX, you have noticed that the ZAR market and ZAR wallet is not available for you to use, the reason for this is simple:

Profile Verification.

Upon sign-up, you will not have full access to your account to perform transactions until you are verified on Level 2.

Once you have reached Profile Verification Level 2, both South African and International users can use and do the following

  • ZAR Markets

1. Place any trades (BUY and SELL) on the ZAR markets 

  • ZAR Wallets

1. Can place ZAR deposits

2. Can place ZAR withdrawals (with restrictions)

For more information regarding the Profile Verification restrictions, click here.

If you are not sure how to verify your account, please take a look at this Knowledge Base topic for more information - “How do I verify my account?”

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