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General FAQ regarding ChainEX and Cryptocurrency.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are the ZAR Markets Opened to Anyone?  
  2. Are there any countries that are blocked from using ChainEX?  
  3. Blocked or disabled account?  
  4. Can I change the email address registered to my ChainEX account?  
  5. Can I use ChainEX without verification?  
  6. ChainEX Trading Competition Information.  
  7. Do criminals use digital currencies?  
  8. Do I have to buy a full coin (e.g. 1 Bitcoin)  
  9. How can I track my open tickets?  
  10. How do I log a support ticket? What information should I include?  
  11. How do I protect my private keys?  
  12. How do I submit a complaint or compliment?  
  13. How is the value of digital currencies determined?  
  14. How long does it take a digital currency deposit or withdrawal to be processed and reflect?  
  15. How long does it take a Fiat or Rand deposit to be processed and reflect?  
  16. How will I know if these emails are really from ChainEX?  
  17. My phone number was rejected while verifying?  
  18. Phone verification problems?  
  19. What are digital currencies/assets?  
  20. What are Fiat currencies?  
  21. What are the minimum trading amounts per coin?  
  22. What happens if I deposit money to the wrong address?  
  23. What happens if I lost my cell phone with my Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) codes on?  
  24. What if I make a mistake and insert a limit order to buy Bitcoins at R1 000/BTC instead of R100/BTC?  
  25. What is a base coin?  
  26. What is a Block Explorer?  
  27. What is a Fiat wallet and what is it user for?  
  28. What is a fork and what are its implications?  
  29. What is a Market?  
  30. What is a private key and why is it important?  
  31. What is a Public key and why is it important?  
  32. What is a trade?  
  33. What is a trading pair?  
  34. What is a wallet?  
  35. What is an API?  
  36. What is an order?  
  37. What is blockchain technology?  
  38. What is ChainEX's operating hours?  
  39. What is digital currency mining and does it apply to ChainEX?  
  40. What is my wallet address?  
  41. What is the maximum number of open trades I can have on my account?  
  42. What is the minimum deposit and maximum withdrawal amount?  
  43. What other currencies exist besides Bitcoin - What are Altcoins?  
  44. When will my ZAR withdrawals be processed?  
  45. Where is ChainEX located?  
  46. Which digital currencies do ChainEX offer and what are the trading pairs?  
  47. Who owns Bitcoin/digital currencies and the blockchain?  
  48. Why blockchain technology and digital currencies?  
  49. Why has my account been disabled?  
  50. Why have I not received my digital currency deposit or why have I not received the full amount?  
  51. Why have I not received my Fiat withdrawal or why have I not received the full amount?  
  52. Will ChainEX return any digital currencies sent to the wrong address?  
  53. Will ChainEX return any Fiat currencies sent to the wrong bank account?  

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