Payment of referral fees:

The calculation and transferal of referral trading fee rewards is an automated process that will be triggered and processed every time a referred user executes a trade. Rewards will be deposited to users' registered wallet addresses on ChainEX. The currency of the reward will be matched against the user's relevant ChainEX wallet.

Users will only qualify for referral rewards from your referred users if their trading volume over the last month is equivalent to 0.5BTC. This volume total is calculated across all trades on all markets by the user and then converted to BTC using current market prices. Referral rewards will be paid in the currency that a trade's fee was paid, e.g. if a user does a PART/BTC trade the fee will be paid in BTC and the reward as well. It is therefore possible that during transferal process a user can receive rewards in more than one currency if their referred users completed trades in more than one base coin. Since ZAR market fees are paid in the traded, digital currency and not ZAR (the base coin) the user will receive their reward in the digital currency. E.g. if a trade was completed on PART/ZAR, the user will receive their reward in PART.

ChainEX will keep users updated on their referral rewards via weekly referral earnings sent automatically to their registered email address. They can also view a summary of their current and historical earnings here