Referral Program:

The referral program is designed to reward our existing users for inviting new users to the ChainEX system by paying them a percentage of the trading fees paid by the users they referred.

There are four levels of referral rewards as outlined below:

Level 1: 16% of trading fee

Level 2: 8% of trading fee

Level 3: 4% of trading fee

Level 4: 2% of trading fee

e.g. If UserA traded 5BTC for the month and he referred UserB. UserB then registers, completes the KYC process and starts trading. If UserB trades for e.g. 1BTC and pays a trading fee of 0.25%, UserA will then earn 0.0025*16% = 0.0004 BTC as this was the currency that UserB traded in. If UserB then trades 5BTC for the month and refers UserC, UserA will earn 8% of the trading fee of UserC AND 16% of UserB’s fees and so on and so forth.

A user may therefore earn a percentage fee reward not only from direct invitation, but also from users who was invited by the users that they invited.

For more information on the payment of referral rewards, click here