Follow these easy steps:

  1. Navigate and log in to

  2. Select “Markets” on the top right.

  3. Select the “Market” and “Pairing”, on the top left, you would like to trade in - e.g. ZAR and BTC/ZAR.

  4. Place a sell order and perform a trade.

  5. Select “Balances”

  6. Identify your ZAR wallet

  7. Under “Action” there are four different icons, select the second icon -  withdraw (a Bitcoin with an up arrow).

  8. Enter all the information required to make the withdrawal - you are required to link your bank account to your ChainEX account. To link your bank account, follow these simple steps here

  9. Select “Process Withdrawal”

Please note, withdrawals from ChainEX account to your linked bank account can take up to two business days to process and reflect in your bank account.