Depending on the profile verification steps completed, your ChainEX profile may be on one of three levels. The levels range from Level 0 (No verification completed) to Level 2 (Fully verified). There are restrictions on each level regarding trading and requirements before they can be reached. 

The table below outlines the requirements and restrictions to each level:

Level name

Submission Requirements

Trading restrictions

Level 0

First Name

Last Name

2 BTC daily digital currency withdrawal

15 BTC monthly digital currency withdrawal

No ZAR and USDT deposit or withdrawals

No ZAR and USDT market trading

Level 1

Verified mobile number


R15 000 ZAR combined fiat withdrawal 

3 BTC daily digital currency withdrawal  


Level 2

Verified ID or Passport document

Photo of yourself

Address details

R1 000 000 ZAR daily currency withdrawal

100 BTC daily digital currency withdrawal


For a step-by-step guide on how to verify your account, see the tutorial here.