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How to list a new coin on ChainEX

Last Updated 2 years ago

ChainEX is always on the lookout for up-and-coming digital currencies that we feel can provide value to our clients.

We welcome requests for new entrants and will consider any requests received.

You would first need to log a ticket with the ChainEX Support team.

Logging a ticket with Support and submitting your requested new coins is as easy as the following steps.

  1. Go to on your internet browser
  2. Select Support in the top right corner
  3. Once you are in the ChainEX Support Portal, select New Support Ticket
  4. Enter the necessary information relevant to your query in the fields provided eg New Coin Listing Request
  5. Select Submit

Another option on how to log a ticket with Support is to:

  1. Navigate to on your browser
  2. At the bottom right of every page, you will see the Support Icon (a headphone) - click this icon
  3. "Contact Support" will be displayed
  4. Enter the necessary information relevant to your query/issue in the fields provided
  5. Click on "Create Ticket"

After creating a ticket, Support will respond with a link to the necessary form you need to complete as comprehensively as possible or you can click on the following link that will take you directly to the New Listing form here.

PLEASE NOTE: Before any coin will be considered, we need to be provided with clear and correct information on the following.

1. Who are the team members involved in the requested listing or development?

Team members need to be very visible as well as their backgrounds, etc clearly defined on their websites

2. Do you have a community backing the requested coin and will you be boosting the exchange and creating hype around the listing?

3. How much do they you for the listing, i.e. funds?

4. Will you make market?

Referring to whether you will be able to fill the order book on ChainEX that our users can trade against.

5. Can the coin be paired with ZAR - do you have liquidity?

There should be enough liquidity to create a market with a fiat currency, i.e. ZAR/GSX, BTC/GSX, and/or USDT/GSX

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