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How do I deposit digital currency?

Last Updated 3 months ago

With ChainEX, depositing digital currency is very easy. We provide you with easy access to your wallet addresses and QR codes.

You can follow the below steps for any digital currency you wish to deposit to ChainEX.  You can perform ZAR deposits as well. To learn more, click here

  1. Log in to ChainEX (
  2. Go to the Balances page
  3. Select the currency to which you want to deposit coins
  4. If you do not have a wallet for the selected currency, you can generate one by following these steps
  5. Once you have selected the relevant currency and reached its wallet, select Deposit
  6. Your QR code and deposit address will then appear
  7. To deposit digital currencies from another wallet or exchange platform to ChainEX, you will need to scan your ChainEX QR code or copy your ChainEX deposit address using the functionality of the wallet
  8. Once you have deposited the coins from another wallet, it will automatically show up under the Deposits tab in the expanded wallet on the Balances page

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