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What Documents are Accepted as Proof of Residence

Last Updated 3 years ago

The following is a list of documents that are accepted as proof of residence for Level 2 Verification submissions:

  • Utility bill, e.g. municipal water and lights account or property managing agent statement
  • Bank statement
  • Municipal councilor’s letter
  • A signed affidavit from the local police station
  • SARS Tax certificate/letter
  • Recent active lease or rental agreement (not older than 1 year)
  • Recent municipal rates and taxes invoice not older than 3 months
  • Account statement from a NCR (National Credit Regulator) registered service provider (NCR number must be visible/recorded on the document)
  • Security service providers registered with PSIRA (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority), e.g. Chubb, ADT (PSIRA number must be visible/ recorded on the document)
  • Telephone or cellular telephone statement
  • Official SARS document (not eFiling documentation)
  • Valid television license renewal letter
  • Television license renewal/confirmation letter
  • Subscription TV, e.g. MultiChoice statement
  • Home loan statement
  • Long/short term insurance policy documents from a Financial Services Provider (FSB number must be visible/recorded on the document)
  • Motor vehicle registration/license documents
  • Body corporate/governing body letter or statement
  • Official employer letter for employees residing on company/ institution premise
  • Official university/technicon/college or tertiary institution registration letter
  • Posted traffic fine from a Metro police department (E-toll statements are not accepted)
  • Medical aid statement or policy document (policy number must be visible on the document)
  • Letter from municipality confirming residential address or business address (for business clients)
  • Tribal authority letter confirming residential address or business address (for business clients)
  • Signed letter from an independent auditor/accountant on their company letterhead confirming physical/trading/operational address for the business (for business clients).

Your proof of residence also needs to meet the following requirements:

  • First name provided needs to match
  • Last name provided needs to match
  • ID number (if on the document) needs to match
  • Passport number (if on the document) needs to match
  • Provided address needs to match
  • Proof of Residence needs to be clear and readable
  • No electronic edits on a photo
  • Proof of Residence can not be older than 3 months old 
    - Unless a signed lease or rental agreement is provided (can not be older than 1 year)

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