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How do I buy Digital Currency?

Last Updated 2 months ago

Buying digital currency could not be easier. Simply deposit money from your bank account into your ChainEX account, then use that fiat currency to trade on the markets to obtain digital currency.

Follow these simple steps to buy digital currency:

  1. Navigate and log into
  2. Select “Markets”, on the top right.
  3. On the top left, you will see “Markets”. Under markets, select ZAR.
  4. Then select the pairing you would like to trade in - e.g. BTC/ZAR
  5. Navigate to the center of the page beneath the Price chart and you will see BUY BTC. Fill in all the necessary information required to make the trade.
  6. Then select “BUY”.

Please take a look at these two YouTube videos for more:

How to Buy Bitcoin using ChainEX

How to Place a Maker and Taker Order

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